Learn more about kids’ dental trauma treatment

It is not unusual for kids to experience dental injury and trauma. That is because as they grow and learn how to walk, run, and become more active in sports, their chances of damage to the mouth area are higher. The primary teeth, also called the baby teeth, are managed differently than permanent teeth. However, this doesn’t mean that a primary tooth’s loss, damage, or injury is not critical to a healthy smile. At Mona Dental for Kids in Spring, Texas, children who have experienced dental trauma will want an assessment with their pediatric dentist—especially if a tooth has been knocked out of the mouth due to impact. That is known as avulsion.

If a primary tooth is avulsed, a child will still need an evaluation with a dentist for a dental trauma diagnosis. Tooth trauma in a child must be assessed to ensure there is no damage to the soft tissues or surrounding bone that might also require treatment. Whenever possible, a permanent tooth that has become avulsed will be reattached. However, this isn’t always realistic, and timing is of the essence in these situations. Keep in mind that for better prognosis, the avulsed permanent tooth needs to be reattached in less than 60 minutes, so you need to see your pediatric dentist as soon as possible. Not all reattached avulsed teeth are saved. If this cannot occur, the pediatric dentist will talk to the parent about possible tooth replacement options to keep the remaining teeth from shifting out of place.

What are the causes of dental trauma?

Dental trauma can happen to anyone at any time. It might be caused by a fall or a blow to the mouth during sports. The use of mouth guards during high contact sports activities is a proactive way of reducing the risk of damaged or lost teeth. These can be obtained from a pediatric dentist, and they are custom-made for proper fit and function.

Kids Dental Trauma Treatment Near Me In Spring TX

How is dental trauma addressed?

Treatment for specific trauma may include:

  • Reattachment of lost teeth
  • Repair of chipped or cracked teeth
  • Stitches for soft tissue damage/cuts

Do you need your child assessed after dental trauma?

Parents of children in the Spring, TX area who need a pediatric dentist that offers solutions for traumatized teeth or gums will want to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Mona Houshiar to learn more about their treatment choices. You can reach our team at (832) 662-3008 for an appointment.