Mona Dental for Kids helps with finger sucking or pacifier habits

When it comes to raising a child, there is no “one size fits all” solution out there. That is why infants and toddlers who need extra soothing may turn to pacifier use or finger sucking. Unfortunately, prolonged sucking or pacifier use can result in problems requiring further treatment down the road. If you have a child in the Spring, Texas area struggling with this problem, it may be time to speak to Dr. Mona Houshiar, our pediatric dentist at Mona Dental for Kids.

How does finger sucking and pacifiers affect the smile?

While thumb sucking and pacifiers are used to soothe an infant or toddler, they can cause significant damage to the smile in various ways. Below are just a few of the usual risks associated with more prolonged pacifier use or finger sucking:

  • Jaw misalignment
  • Roof narrowing
  • Sores or ulcer development
  • Slanting/crooked teeth

How to stop the pacifier habit

Suppose you are looking for ways to stop a child’s dependency on a pacifier or how to break their finger-sucking habit. In that case, patients can speak to their pediatric dentist at Mona Dental for Kids in Spring, Texas, to discuss their options. There are some strategies to reducing finger sucking and pacifier use, such as slowly discontinuing pacifier use or using mittens over the hands at night to keep children from sucking their fingers or thumbs during naptime or bedtime. Other strategies might be recommended by the child’s pediatrician, who may also offer some solutions.

Treatments For Finger Sucking Near Me In Spring, TX

How to find out more

If you are struggling with getting your child to stop using their pacifier as a soothing device or sucking their fingers or thumbs, know that you are not alone. Taking the first steps may be challenging but rewarding—particularly when you reduce the risk of damage to the smile over time. If you live in Spring, TX, and want to work with a pediatric dentist who can assess your child’s smile and make treatment recommendations, call Dr. Mona Houshiar today to book an appointment. The office is located at 20920 Kuykendahl Road, Suite E, and can be reached by calling (832) 662-3008.