Discuss IV sedation vs. general anesthesia for kids’ dental care

When extensive dental work is needed for a child, a pediatric dentist may want to speak to the parent about sedation options. Dr. Mona Houshiar of Mona Dental for Kids in Spring, Texas, is a provider who is pleased to offer sedation solutions for younger children and those who may require safe stabilization throughout a dental procedure.

While many of our procedures performed in our practice can be managed appropriately with local anesthetic injections, numbing creams, and nitrous oxide, there are times when heavier sedation may be needed when distractions aren’t enough. Additionally, children of a certain age may not understand the importance of sitting still during extensive procedures. Because of this, there are times when added sedation methods may be considered, including IV sedation and general anesthetics. But what is the difference between the two? Let’s look at the similarities and differences between IV sedation and general anesthesia, or GA.

  • IV sedation – IV sedation, or “intravenous sedation,” is provided in the dental office. It is best for healthy children that require extra calming for cooperation and stillness. The child is monitored throughout the process, and anesthesia is delivered as needed during the dental procedure to maintain the child’s reflexes. Most children are groggy after this type of anesthetic but will return to normal activities the following day.
  • General anesthesia – children with special needs, those of an extremely young age, or those with specific respiratory or neurological conditions may need to have their procedure done under general anesthesia. During a hospital visit, the child is put into an unconscious state for the duration of their procedure. General anesthesia will require a breathing tube and respiratory machines and is administered to those with multiple treatments being performed, complicated dental work, or extensive needs.
General Anesthesia for Kids Near Me In Spring TX

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