Kids sports dentistry services in Spring, Texas, protect your athlete’s smile

Sports are an important part of many children’s lives starting from an early age. They provide a wonderful opportunity for kids to get physical activity while learning important life skills such as working together in a team. However, due to their physical nature, many sports have the potential for accidents that can cause long-term damage to your child’s teeth and other oral structures. At Mona Dental for Kids, we provide sports dentistry services to prevent and manage sports-related orofacial injuries in the Spring, Tomball, Champions, Woodlands, Conroe, and surrounding Texas communities.

What is sports dentistry?

Sports dentistry is a relatively new—but important—field in dentistry that focuses on preventing and managing injuries to the hard and soft tissues of the mouth due to sports. As sports have become more competitive, increasing numbers of children have begun playing sports at an early age. At all ages and stages of development, it is vital to protect children’s teeth, gums, tongue, and other oral structures while playing sports to prevent unnecessary injuries, pain, and long-term problems. In addition to providing preventive options such as sports mouth guards, Dr. Mona Houshiar offers emergency dental care and effective treatment options should your child sustain an orofacial injury while playing sports.

Custom sports mouth guards for your child

One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent mouth injuries during sports is using a mouthguard. While there are many over-the-counter options available, a custom-made mouthguard from the dentist offers superior comfort and protection. Custom mouth guards:

  • Enable your child to breathe more easily while they are playing
  • They are more comfortable because they are made to fit your child’s mouth perfectly
  • They are made from stronger and more durable materials, offering better protection
  • It can help prevent issues such as broken or knocked-out teeth, severe bites to the tongue, and even reduce the amount of shock transferred to your child’s brain if they hit their mouth on another player, sports equipment, or the ground
Kids Sports Dentistry Near Me In Spring TX

Protecting your child’s smile

At Mona Dental for Kids, sports dentistry is one of many ways we work with families to keep kids’ smiles healthy and pain-free during their critical development years. To schedule your child’s appointment at our Spring, TX office, call (832) 662-3008 today!