Learn about the causes and signs of teeth grinding in children

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a condition that can impact an individual at any age. It may include clenching and grinding of the teeth, which can cause significant damage to the smile. Spring, Texas, area parents who are worried about their child’s clenching and grinding of the teeth will want to speak with Dr. Mona Houshiar about the condition and how to manage it appropriately.

What causes teeth grinding?

Some children clench and grind their teeth without a specific reason, while others might do so due to increased stress levels. If a child is diagnosed with this condition, they will want to work with a pediatric dentist and pediatrician to manage the problem and reduce damage to the smile.

How do you identify the signs of bruxism in children?

The signs and symptoms often of teeth clenching and grinding occur when one sleeps. That can sometimes make it hard to diagnose without a sleeping partner that might notice the sounds and signs. Below are just a few of the things a pediatric dentist will look for to determine if bruxism is a problem for a child:

● Tightness or pain in the jaw or surrounding jaw muscles

● Facial pain and earaches

● Complaints of headaches or migraines

● Sores, cuts, or injury to the inside of the cheek

● Chipped teeth

● Flattened, worn teeth

● Teeth that appear dull due to worn enamel

● Sensitive teeth

Treatments For Teeth Grinding in Children Near Me in Spring TX

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